Guides and Outfitters

Safari Club International's slogan is "First For Hunters." That includes professional hunters. SCI's strong relationship with the professional hunting community is a point of pride and essential to SCI's success. SCI's Guides and Outfitters program has become a cornerstone of SCI's relationship with the hunting industry by supporting professional hunters through their professional associations. The program has global reach, with associations from Africa, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand participating.

The Guides and Outfitters Program coutributes to SCI's mission as another venue for furthering conservation and protecting the freedom to hunt. The associations act as a conduit between SCI and the industry,letting guides and outfitters infom SCI of concerns and developments in their regions, and letting SCI alert them to developments in return. As a result, SCI has been able to assist associations in coordinating their efforts to address issues that concern all hunters.

As part of the program, SCI supports participating associations by sponsoring their events, sending volunteer and staff represesntation to their meetings, and providing items for their fundraisers. SCI's Guides and Outfitters Workshop has recently become a regular event, giving association representatives a chance to discuss issues face to face with SCI providing travel, food, and lodging.

SCI's Guides and Outfitters Program represents SCI's commitment to the professiunal hunting industry and confidence in these professional associations. SCI recognizes the associations as the industry's effort to regulate itself and establish standards for ethics and professionalism. For this reason, SCI encourages its members to consider association members when booking hunts. Please follow the links below to the membership rosters of participating associations.