Exhibitor Advisory Group

Exhibitor Advisory Group

The Exhibitor Advisory Group ("EAG") establishes and enhances communication between the SCI Convention Committee and the Exhibitors. Collects and refines Exhibitors' experiences, ideas, and proposals. Presents such experiences, ideas and proposals to SCI and takes advantage of decades of Exhibitors knowledge combined with SCI's professional team to collaboratively produce the Greatest Sportsman's Convention in the world.

Sven Linquist
Convention Committee Chair

Sven currently serves as Convention Committee Chair, and in the past has served on the Executive Committee, as Corporate Secretary, Vice President and as Chair of Government Affairs, SCI-PAC, Guides and Outfitters, as well as Convention Vice Chair. Sven is a Life Member of SCI and the NRA, as well as numerous other organizations, many of which he has led or chaired in some capacity during his 21 years of dedicated advocacy for the protection, preservation, and defense of hunting.

Jeff Meyerl
Convention Committee Sub-Chair

Jeff Meyerl brought his strong business background to SCI in 1991, becoming a life member in 2000. He was elected to the Board of Directors of East Ohio/NW Penn Chapter in 1994 and has served as Treasurer, Vice President as well as four years as President. He has served as a Regional Representative since 2008 and has served on numerous committees on the national level. Jeff has hunted extensively throughout the world and has participated fully in the World Hunting Awards program while devoting the time and energy required to vigorously protect our hunting rights. He has qualified for the World Hunting Award Ring in 2011, the World Hunting and Conservation Award in 2018, and received the President's Award in 2019.

Chris Muller
Convention Committee Sub-Chair

Chris Muller became a member of SCI in 2010 and quickly earned a role as a local Chapter President. After experiencing his first convention, Chris became a Regional Rep for eastern Pennsylvania. This allowed him to volunteer more at the national level, but also continue to assist his roots at the local level. Chris brings a youthful perspective to the conversation and continues to grow as an SCI member and volunteer.

Lee Murray
Board of Directors Liaison

Lee is the Liaison to the Board of Directors for the Exhibitors Advisory Group. He also serves on the Board of Directors as a 6th term Director at Large. As a member of the EAG, Lee is a fixture on the convention show floor, meeting with exhibitors and discussing any issues they have, then seeking solutions to those issues.

Charlie Oakes

Charles Oakes has been a member of SCI since 1992 and is a life member of both SCI and Sables. Charles has earned degrees in Agriculture, Natural Resource Economics, Law and an advanced law degree in Taxation. He practices law in Ontario, Oregon where he was also a SCI Regional Representative for many years. He also formed the Treasure Valley Chapter of SCI and was its President for several years. Charles has been on the EAG since it was formed many years ago and has been a mainstay serving on the floor of the Convention for more than 15 years. He has hunted on five continents and has extensively hunted North America. He began hunting when he was preschool on his family's cattle ranch. Charles is also a Class 3 federal firearms dealer and a certified firearms instructor. Charles is a lifelong sportsman who believes in and volunteers thousands of hours for SCI and its mission.

Shane Black
EAG Chairman
Canada North Outfitting

Shane Black began hunting and trapping with his father in the wilderness of Northern British Columbia. At the age of eleven, his passion for the outdoors was awakened and he has never looked back. At thirteen, Shane would accompany his dad as he purchased furs from the trappers throughout BC and the Yukon. He learned about the history of guiding from these individuals who painted images of pack trains and the mountains. He knew then that he would one day pursue a career in the hunting industry. Shane is the consummate professional whose goal is to ensure we have wildlife for future generations within a healthy environment. His dedication to his profession can be seen in his community involvement and with several outfitting associations along with very close working partnerships with scientists in Nunavut. Shane was awarded the SCI NA Professional Hunter of the Year 2017.

Trevor Swanson
Trevor V. Swanson Sculptures

Trevor Swanson is a long time and second-generation exhibitor with SCI. Artist and lover of nature, Trevor has always drawn inspiration from being in the outdoors, whether hunting, fishing, hiking or just gathering firewood. Trevor has worked with the EAG for quite a while in different roles and is excited about the new energy and direction of the group, believing that this will become a great source of progress and information for both exhibitors and the convention.

Jane Cohen
Alan Michael USA

Alan Michael USA Corp has been an enthusiastic member of SCI for 18 years. We have enjoyed our relationship with The SCI family and found a comfort zone quite different from our home base in Los Angeles. One of our greatest SCI moments was being given the opportunity to meet with President Bush and present him with a custom-made vest. Though I learned to shoot as a child, I learned more about the ethics of the hunting community from our family at SCI. I have served on several boards, including schools, religious institutions, and various charity organizations. I look forward to this new opportunity with SCI.

Maria Origoni
World Wide Hunts

Maria Origoni was born and raised in Europe before immigrating to Canada 33 years ago. Maria was a primary outfitter for Grizzly until their closure which gave her the opportunity to run North River Outfitting where she feels privileged to be one of the few very successful female outfitters supplying quality hunts and fulfilling many hunters' dream trophies from Stone Sheep, Moose, and Caribou to Mountain Goat and Whitetails. She is multilingual including Swiss, German, Italian and English, is very passionate about wildlife and the wildlife habitat, and she looks forward to working with the great people on the EAG.

Wiaan Van Der Linde
Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris-WB Safari Company

Wiaan Van Der Linde is the owner and operator of Wintershoek Safaris who has been involved in the Wildlife sector since 1998. With his team including Johnny Vivier and Ronnie Webster, who have been involved with SCI since 1982, the conglomeration of the Wintershoek group of companies serve over 9,000 clients across the diverse African landscape including: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, and hopefully Botswana very soon again.

Alex Diehl
Krieghoff International, Inc.

Alex Diehl is the COO of Krieghoff International, Inc. and has been with the company for over 12 Years. Krieghoff International is the sole importer of Krieghoff firearms for the North American market. Before that Alex Diehl was the COO of Blaser USA and before that, the Director of Export Sales for Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH in Germany. Before his career in the Outdoor Industry that started in 2004, he has served in the German Army for 12 years as a paratrooper, retiring with the rank of Captain. He has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) in Münster Germany. Alex is a passionate hunter, fisherman and sporting clay shooter. He has hunted big game, small game and birds for most of his life and on three continents, North America, Europe and Africa.

Emaneul Kapp "Kappie"
Universal Sportsmen

Being involved in the film and video industry for over 30 years, I am excited to join wildlife conservation groups and share my knowledge and love for conservation. One of my main goals is to document all the projects we embark on, so that we can share our information and experiences with the general public. Media can be a powerful tool for educating both the masses here in the U.S.,and also the local communities. I believe that providing a platform to what conservation organizations and captive breeders do here in the U.S. and abroad is paramount in shifting public opinion and fostering an environment of success for the ex-siting populations. Likewise, I believe that garnering the local communities' support and motivation through media content and "boots on the ground" education is one of the best means of protecting the in-situ populations. Filming and releasing short videos on what we do and why we do it has shown to be very effective in educating the public and raising funds for our projects. Being involved in both in-situ and ex-situ conservation, I look forward to sharing all we do with the world.

Keegan McCarthy
Coastal Alaska Adventures

Keegan McCarthy, owner and operator of Coastal Alaska Adventures is a lifelong Alaskan and a Master Hunting Guide. Keegan began hunting in Alaska at the age of seven, a passion he has never lost, and one which led him to build one of the finest hunting operations in Alaska. Keegan's passion for hunting is second only to his commitment to his family with whom he instills his commitments to conservation and education. Keegan is active member of the SCIF Advisory Board and the SCIF Development Committee. Keegan will be awarded the 2019 NA Hunter of the Year at the 48th Annual Hunters Convention.

Barry Dyar

Barry Dyar has been an SCI member and annual convention exhibitor for many years. He owns and operates ElkQuest. Conservation has always been a priority. He has helped wildlife agencies with elk migration and caribou population estimations studies, various CWD research, and helped introduce Canada Geese to Southwest Colorado. In 1996 he started a small herd of elk to study and promote a rare genetic strain which is resistant to Chronic Wasting Disease. The herd now consistently numbers around 250 animals and is the largest herd of CWD resistant elk in the world. ElkQuest offers hunts to help fund the operation. Barry serves on the SCI Exhibitor Advisory Group because he believes the exhibitors are the heart of SCI's annual convention and believes that the partnership between SCI and its convention committee with the exhibitor is critical.