SCI Annual Hunters' Convention FAQ

General Information

When and where is SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention?

February 5 - February 8, 2020
Reno - Sparks Convention Center
4590 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

How can I register to attend?

You can register here or by calling 1-888-SHOW-SCI.

When will registration open?

Registration is now open.

Do I have to be a member of SCI to attend?

The Annual Hunters’ Convention is a members-only show. Spouses and children of members may also attend, and are considered members during the period of the convention.

I am not sure if I am a current member of SCI? How can I verify my membership?

You can verify your membership by logging in to the SCI website. Or, call 1-520-620-1220 and ask for the Membership Department.

What are the dates and locations of future conventions?

February 5 - 8, 2020, Reno Sparks Convention Center Reno, Nevada

Hotels and Transportation

What are the hotels for the convention?

A full list of hotels and pricing can be found here.

Why should I book my room through SCI?

Although attendees have many options when booking rooms in Reno, for our members’ convenience, SCI organizes room blocks with a diverse assortment of outstanding and convenient hotels. Booking in SCI’s block at participating hotels benefits members in many ways, including:

• Negotiated room rates especially for SCI’s convention attendees

• Shuttle bus service to and from the Reno Sparks Convention Center

• Easy booking through SCI’s convention website.

• Proximity to the convention center

How do I get between my hotel and the convention center?

SCI has arranged convenient and complimentary shuttle service between our block hotels and the Reno Sparks Convention Center.


How many auctions does SCI hold?

Between Tuesday evening, before the convention begins, and the end of the convention on Saturday, SCI and its Foundation hold ten live and eleven silent auctions.

Where are the auctions held?

Daily live auctions are in a build-out at the Reno Sparks Convention Center. The daily, two-day, three-day hunt, and four-day silent auctions are in the silent auction area on the show floor. The four-day silent items are taken to the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening events, for bidding, as well. The evening live auctions will take place at the Pepermill, along with the Beretta – SCI Foundation Conservation Award Gala, on Tuesday night. Friday's Sables luncheon will occur at the Atlantis.

How do I bid?

To bid, you will need your member identification number, which is printed on your badge. Silent items take bids on bid sheets and by sealed bid during the last half-hour of bidding. Please fill out the form, writing your member ID on the indicated line. Bid at live auctions by raising your hand and indicating your bid to a floor auctioneer. If you win an item at a live auction, an SCI representative will bring you a buyer’s agreement to fill out and sign. In most cases, they will be able to take your card to a cashier and charge your purchase at that time of the sale.

How long do I have to pay for my auction purchases?

All auction purchases must be paid for before the end of the convention, which ends with the Saturday evening event.

Where can I pay for my auction purchases?

Payments are taken in the Auction Distribution Room, next to the Day Auction Room, in the Day Auction Room, during daily auctions, at the evening auctions, during the Sables auction, and during the Beretta – SCI Foundation Conservation Award Gala.

How do I know if I’ve won an item I bid on during a silent auction?

After silent auctions end, results are tallied and posted on a board in the silent auction area, as well as outside the Auction Distribution Room. Bidders may also check a website for our silent auction results:

How do I arrange for a hunt I bought at auction?

If you bought your hunt on a live auction, contact information for the donor will be on your buyer’s agreement. Additionally, SCI staff will email you and the donor, days after the convention, giving you each other’s information. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the donor or outfitter and make arrangements for the hunt.

How do I claim items I’ve purchased through auction?

With the exception of firearms, items can be claimed after payment at the Auction Distribution Room, adjacent to the Day Auction Room of the convention center, during show floor hours on convention days. At the end of the convention, all unclaimed items are deposited with a third party shipper, Reno Custom Crating, in Reno. Buyers can arrange for shipping with Reno Custom Crating by calling 775-329-1500. Shipping and handling are the responsibility of the buyer in every case.

All firearms are returned to Tucson for shipment. If you have purchased a firearm at SCI’s auctions, you must arrange for a Federal Firearms License holder to receive your firearm from SCI. Please have your FFL holder of choice contact SCI’s Auction Inventory Supervisor to arrange shipping.

What if I’ve claimed my auction items but need to have them shipped?

Reno Custom Crating is onsite at the convention to receive and ship items for convention buyers, whether they were bought through the Auction Program or on the show floor.